The Must Have Fire Tinder For Any Outdoor Activity Or Emergency Kit

The Must Have Fire Tinder For Any Outdoor Activity Or Emergency Kit

You need it in your emergency kit, in your car, in your cabin, or in your backpack when going on a trip… because sometimes it’s a vital consumable.

The truth is, there are all sorts of fire starts… but is there any that can start a fire, anywhere, at any time, in any conditions?

Yes, there is one, the Black Beard Fire Plugs, and here are the main 5 reasons why we think you’ll love them:

Because they work. Yes, the main reason would be because these fire plugs are effective and efficient and get the job done, unlike other fire plugs that don’t work under all conditions, temperatures or weather.

They’re waterproof. Yes, you rarely use water in the same sentence with fire, unless you’re putting out the fire with it… Well, it’s not the case for the Black Beard Fire Plugs. You can still light the fire with them even if it’s raining and the plugs got wet.

They’re windproof. You don’t need to be sheltered by walls or rocks to light a fire. Even if you’re a on windy coast, on a rainy day, and you can’t even light up your cigar, the Black Beard Fire Plugs will start your fire.

It doesn’t cost a fortune! Let’s be honest, how much would you pay for setting up a fire and getting warm, when you’re all wet and cold on the top of a mountain?

Or how much would you pay for it when you’ve invited guests for barbeque and they awkwardly watch how you struggle to light up the fire… trust us, you’d pay a lot.

30-Year Shelf Life. You don’t have to check the expiration date every time you go on a hike or on a trip. You know that once you bought them, they’ll last for 3 decades…