Why you struggle to attract cash into your life.

Why you struggle to attract cash into your life.

It’s sneaky. It’s under the radar. It’s a dark evil villain that keeps many people broke.

Do you know what it is?

The villain is not dressed in a black trench coat or a black hat. It’s not a rich super villain living in a castle on the hill.

The villain is actually your own negative beliefs about money that is keeping you from the wealth that you want and deserve.

Here is the sneaky part. You probably don’t realize that is happening because it is a subtle part of your subconscious mind that keeps your bank account near zero and keeps you in debt.

You have been programmed all your life to be broke. By your parents, television, movies, and your friends. And that program is playing out because you don’t even know how it is happening.

But you can learn the sneaky ways it is keeping you broke and struggling, and how to change it so that you can start attracting the money and wealth you want and deserve.

My friend and money manifestation expert Croix Sather created this eye-opening and wealth-opening video to change the negative money programming.